DISC Assessment and DISC101 Combo

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DISC Assessment and DISC101 Combo

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DISC Behavior Profile Assessment and DISC Training Course Combo.

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What if People Came With An Instruction Manual?

DISC quadrants

DISC quadrants

DISC is one of the most popular behavior models in the world. I personally feel that a DISC assessment could change your life by:

  • Identifying your natural tendencies, what your strengths are and how you are predisposed to act,
  • Identifying weaknesses that may be holding you back, 
  • Explaining how you relate to people, identifying which people you are compatible with and which people you will clash with (and they with you).

Using behavior models in practice

Knowing is nothing unless you put it into action. The DISC101 module explains how to use DISC in your everyday interactions. DISC101 Behavior Module shows you how to:

  • Get what you want by understanding peoples different motivators,
  • Communicate more effectively and get your point across to people who otherwise don't listen to you,
  • Build better relationship with important people in your life,
  • Understand why & how some people think and act differently to you.

DISC is not just a manager skill, DISC is a life skill

Using the DISC behavior model will help you to be more effective in all of your interactions with people. DISC is incredibly useful in the workplace. DISC will show you how to:

  • Be more persuasive in your communications, pitches and management,
  • Better motivate your employees,
  • Better match employee skills to tasks.

These manager skills will save you management time while increasing employee productivity 

DISC personality test review | DISC behaviour profile review
DISC review | DISC testimonial | Feedback review 
Just learning DISC was a major help in the way I interacted with people
— Rebecca P
What was critical for me was understanding how to give feedback as it relates to the DISC model
— Cori B

Who is a behavior assessment suitable for?

I personally believe behavior profiling, assessments and understanding DISC is a life skill suitable for every person. I have used this to be more effective in virtually every aspect of my life. The following are some signs that you may need to do a behavior assessment:

  • Naturally getting on very well with some people while easily getting into conflict with others,
  • People not listening to what you say or not acting on your requests,
  • Not getting on well with your boss,
  • Relationships with peers and employees not working as well as they should,
  • Not knowing what of your natural tendencies may be holding you back.

The product options are as follows:

  • Basic - This includes a DISC behavior assessment and a written copy of the DISC101 module. This is the most budget conscious option. Suitable for people who learn by themselves by reading and who do not need a coach to implement the DISC system.
  • DISC consultant - As above plus: A qualified consultant will contact you to answer any questions you may have on your DISC assessment and explain how to use the assessment.
  • DISC consultant plus DISC training (lite) - As above plus a qualified coach will introduce you to the theory and power of the DISC behavior model over a 12 week course.
  • DISC consultant plus DISC training - As above plus the qualified coach will work with you over a period of 12 weeks to maximise how you use DISC to maximise your strengths, nullify weaknesses and establish better relationships & communications with important people around you


Who supplies the DISC assessment?

To provide the best quality we use a DISC assessment from a firm with over 30 years experience in this field. We use our bulk purchasing to get you a competitive deal.

How does this assessment compare to other DISC assessments?

There are a variety of DISC assessment available at different. These vary in quality. We think a DISC assessment should be: Well established, certified, up-to-date, accurate, helpful and complete. We have tested many different DISC assessments so you don't have to. We have chosen an assessment that we have validated so that it will give you results. There is no point in wasting your time on DISC assessment that doesn't produce results.

How does DISC compare to other behavior models?

There are a number of behavior models of varying quality. We like DISC because it's simple enough to put into practice but powerful enough to be highly effective. DISC is a well established and validated model used by millions of people.

How do personality profiles work?

The DISC assessment should take no longer than 10 minutes. There are a series of questions where the individual chooses an adjective most like them and an adjective least like them. This results in a thorough assessment of the individuals behavior profile. The behavior assessment will determine which DISC quadrants you fit into and how strongly you exhibit these behaviors.

How valid is our assessment?

The assessment we use has a Certification of Registration from the British Psychological Society (BPS) confirming it meets all requirements for use as a psychological tool.

Does a behavior profile show ‘good’ and ‘bad’ qualities?

No. It provides an understanding of how a person prefers to behave, their natural characteristics and tendencies. The assessment determines which DISC quadrant someone is in and how strongly they exhibit these characteristics.  There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers or ‘good’ or ‘bad’ qualities. Behavior problems arise when people have incompatible profiles or when a behavior is not effective for a particular situation.

Why would you use personality profiling?

It is a tool to understand people better and to better adapt to circumstances to be more effective. Benefits extend into many aspects of life including having more effective relationships with people and matching your strengths to the situation.

Can behavior profiling solve HR issues?

Behavior assessments explain how people are likely to act, what motivates them, who people are compatible with, what tasks people have strengths or weaknesses for. Plus what to adjust to change these aspects. This can solve HR issues and prevent HR issues from developing in the first place.

How does the coaching work?

A qualified coach will coach you via video conference to identify problems, set goals, explain material, answer questions and support you through the process. This includes multiple coaching sessions to make sure you get the best results. The coach-lite package includes the same amount of detail but with less coach time. This is suitable for people who would like a little help but don't need the fully supported coaching implementation.

Why the large price difference between the different options?

The pricier options include one-on-one coaching time with a highly qualified (and well paid) coach. Most people get better results when a coach guides them through the process of finding out about DISC and how to put this into practice in their life and business.

Who should take a DISC Assessment?

DISC assessments are for you, your employees and other important people in your life. Take a DISC assessment to find out about yourself - your natural tendencies, your strengths and what weaknesses may be holding you back. Having employees and other important people in your life do a DISC assessment will give you insight in how to manage employees better, communicate better and understand the motivations and actions of people around you.