This is a summary of the Super Users winning suggestions and actions:

Manager Foundation Job Board - Winner by Alana Hollestelle


Job board started on LinkedIn group:

(Please post your management jobs here)

Recognition of Contribution

This page is a way to recognise the contribution of the Super User Group contributions which was a recommendation made by Linda Murray


This page, acknowledgement on the emails plus prizes

Help Identify Managers who Need Help

Helping to identify bad managers in a supportive way that encourages them to improve (instead of deny!) by Duncan Graham:


  1. Articles to share with Managers,
  2. Diagnostic tools (note Diagnostic tool on Delegation being released shortly).
  3. Confidential nomination - This has inspired me to make the Dilbert Proof nomination tool:


A Confidential Place to share Management War Stories and Wins

Suggestion by Linda Murray. I have set up Forums to AND

And I have set up a hashtag on confidential secret sharing site: