Do you believe in improving work happiness? So do I but I can't spread the message on my own. Therefore I have set up an elite super user group for people who share the vision and who want to be more involved.

Member Benefits:

  • Be a part of the inside track discussion 
  • Get access to exclusive material & offers
  • Raise your profile and be seen as a thought leader
  • Networking and promotion opportunities
  • Be part of an experimental exploration - where will this lead? Be a part of moulding the future

The Vision of Manager Foundation is to:

  • Make work more enjoyable and satisfying for employees because most people don’t enjoy working
  • Make managing easy for managers because managing staff is a tough job and there is not enough training in effective management processes and
  • Improve the profitability of companies by having engaged, productive employees

If this is a vision worth spreading then please apply to join the super user group

What you Have to do:

In short, what you can. The super user group is about harnessing the power of you. Your unique creativity, viewpoint, relationships etc. You have skills and knowledge that I don't. And the group is voluntary- if you want to help then you can but you don't have to. But having said that I do want engaged users adding & receiving value. If you feel this group isn't right for you, you can leave at any time.

How it will work: Joining will give you access to the community and the tools. The first thing that I will ask you to do is to make a suggestion on how you think it is best to spread the vision. And to vote on other peoples ideas. These suggestions will guide the development of the super user group.  

PS: Currently this group is very new which means it's a work-in-progress but that also gives you even more chance to have a significant impact.

Mentor managers, get help, join the community

Mentor managers, get help, join the community

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