your personal journey to be a better boss

You are at the start of your personal journey to be a better boss. Doing regular One-on-Ones with your employees will produce immediate results but you will get better over time. You will get better as both you and your employee get familiar with the process and iron out the kinks.

If you will excuse the yoga analogy - each yoga class will leave your body reset and mind at ease. But it’s the regular practice over time that produces the real long term benefits. I’m in my forties now and I’m now more flexible than I’ve ever been. My balance is better and I am able to do things with my body that I’ve never done before. I’m even starting to get a somewhat decent handstand! :-)

So stick to it. If you miss a meeting - that’s only a problem if you don’t reschedule or stop altogether. If you go through a rough patch, come back to your regular one on one practice.

Now there’s something else about your practice and that is having experienced teachers to guide you. To show you how to get the most benefits. And how to avoid errors that cause injuries. One on One meetings are simple but there is a surprising amount of great management technique that you can put into practice in your meetings. I’d love to show you how. If you haven’t registered yet for the course 3 Steps 2 Easy 1 on 1s then have a look at it to see what it can do for you.



  • Step 1: Make sure you're registered for the online learning system

  • Step 2: Upskill your employees to make sure you get what you want from your weekly one-on-ones