your personal journey to be a better boss

You are at the start of your personal journey to be a better boss. Firstly you've only covered the theory, your true learning and benefit will only come as you develop your manager practice. Initially you should expect some adjustment as you use this new one on one process but you and your employees will get better at it over time.


The journey is long...

Secondly One on ones are only a part of your management practice. If managing is like a yoga practice where you do the work and get the results then a one on one is similar to going to a yoga class. Because that's the safe place that you do most of your practice. But one on ones are only part of the practice. You don't walk into the yoga studio do nothing and then walk out an hour later. You practice. You practice different poses, techniques and skills.


  • Step 1: Make sure you're registered for the online learning system
  • Step 2: Upskill your employees to make sure you get what you want from your weekly one-on-ones