Resume service. Don't leave important things to amateurs

Resume service. Don't leave important things to amateurs

Resume Mistakes - Everybody Makes Them

Did you know… recently conducted an audit of 50 active CV’s on and found that there are 5 errors on a typical job seeker’s CV?

Smart People Aren't Immune

For example, the executive who claimed he was "Instrumental in ruining the entire operation" when it should have read, “Instrumental in running the entire operation."

Recruiters Spend 6-seconds on a Resume

Eye-tracking studies have shown that professional recruiters spend an average of just 6 seconds on a resume. Recruiters are looking for reasons to discard your resume. Weak resumes and resumes with errors don't stand a chance.

Damn You Autocomplete, Get a Fresh Perspective

We can be blind to our own mistakes. A computer spell checker won't tell you if you've "ruined" your employability. When we read our own writing our mind fills in the gaps and gives meaning to unclear writing. That’s why it’s important to get a third party to review it.  

Alternative Third Party Reviews:

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You can ask friends and family to review your resume. (If they have the time, diligence and expertise). We advise against asking colleagues for obvious reasons.

It's What Successful Professionals Do:

Your resume is a reflection of you. Models use experts to make their portfolios, so do successful professionals.

Success Story...

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The Benefits of using a Professional:

Besides being vastly more experienced and able to spot mistakes and provide advice from having seen many resumes, experts

  • Will pay the care and attention needed to find mistakes
  • Have the necessary skills
  • Aren't busy or distracted with other tasks - will give prompt service
  • You don't have to rely on favors or inconvenience people
  • Are discreet
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Product Options

Resume Review - A through check for grammar, clarity, errors

Expert Recommendations - As above plus insider feedback on how to improve your resume

Resume Rewrite - As above plus a professional editor rewriting your resume for you

Resume Redesign - The complete resume makeover. As above plus make your resume stand out with a beautiful but practical custom design layout

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