Note: The BossRater Quiz is based on extensive research on Boss-Employee relationships. The intent is to be entertaining and insightful.

I've got some good news for you because you came out with a good result.

Well done because you got the second best boss. Few people can claim to have such a well functioning boss relationship.

Your Boss is Rob Stark - King of the North: Loyalty, results there's no doubt that your boss brings out the best in people. You can count yourself among the lucky few, I just wouldn't go to any weddings with your boss though.

Your Boss Assessment Indicates: You're doing better than most in the following areas: understanding each others strengths and weaknesses, knowing what your boss wants you to achieve, knowing what your boss is trying to achieve, your boss knowing what contribution you are making and how to best communicate with each other.

What This Means Is: Your boss probably appreciates your contribution, your efforts are focused on doing things that your boss wants, you will be a key player to support their goals and misunderstandings will be uncommon.

As the situation stands, your time seems to be well spent at work. You should be making a good contribution to company profits and for you personally you should be getting the recognition, remuneration and career progression that you deserve.

I hope that you feel appreciated at work, connected to your bosses, like the world is your oyster and you are finding value and meaning in your job.

Secret - Your Boss's Point of View: Most people with the same rating as you feel good about the dynamic they have with their boss. So if you feel the same way this is totally understandable. Your rating indicates that your boss should feel like they have a good relationship with you. The mistake that people make is judging things from their point of view. The question to work out is if your goodwill towards your boss is reciprocated.

Once again well done on scoring so well. I do this service to promote better Boss-Employee relationships but you don't seem to need much assistance.


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