Note: The BossRater Quiz is based on extensive research on Boss-Employee relationships. The intent is to be entertaining and insightful.

I've got some mixed news for you because you came out with an average result - there is some good and bad news. Read on if you're ready for i...

Your relationship with your boss rates as average. Normally I'd say well done at being normal, only as far as normal goes with bosses there is a lot of room for improvement.

Your Boss is Ned Stark - Warden of the North: There's no doubting that your boss is a good person like Ned Stark, with the best of intentions. Just be aware that good intentions are not enough on their own and Ned had his head chopped off!

Your Boss Assessment Indicates: Issues in most of the following areas: understanding each others strengths and weaknesses, knowing what your boss wants you to achieve, knowing what your boss is trying to achieve, your boss knowing what contribution you are making and how to best communicate with each other.

What This Means Is: The following will not be as good as it should be: your boss doesn't fully appreciate your contribution, your efforts will be wasted on doing things that your boss doesn't want, you will not be a key player to support their goals and misunderstandings will be the order of the day.

As the situation stands, your work is wasting big chunks of your time. Company profits will not be what they could be and for you personally you won't get the recognition, remuneration or career progression that you deserve.

People in your situation are at risk of feeling unappreciated at work, alienated from their bosses, stuck, frustrated and work is not giving giving the value and meaning to your life that it could

Secret - Your Boss's Point of View: Most people with the same rating as you don't feel great about the dynamic they have with their boss. So if you feel the same way this is totally understandable. The secret that you may not be aware of is that this extends both ways. Your boss will feel like they don't have a good relationship with you and is unclear about how you support the achievement of their goals. As you can imagine this puts you at risk.

I do this service to promote better Boss-Employee relationships.  You're in the middle of the pack which means that your relationship with your boss has room for improvement.

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