the role of psychometric testing in recruitment

Making a hiring mistake is expensive. But hiring the right person for the job makes a massive difference to company performance. We know that certain types of people suit certain types of jobs and personality tests are designed to test this. These tests can also identify how job candidates fit into a team, how they fit into a corporate culture or what they are like to manage.


You've probably heard of names like Myers Briggs and DISC profiles. Choosing a test can be challenging. My experience is that there are a lot of good (reliable, accurate) personality models. I recommend the DISC system because:

  • It's validated (tested as consistent, accurate, reliable),
  • It's simple enough to put into practice - you don't need to be a psychologist,
  • Yet powerful enough to provide practical, useful recommendations.
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What's Being Tested?

DISC has 4 behavior quadrants.  There aren’t good behaviors or bad behaviors. There aren't bad DISC quadrants and good DISC quadrants. Each DISC quadrant has tendencies that can be strengths as well as weaknesses. For example someone can be task focused or people focused. Assertive or submissive.  Detail oriented or big picture. These are opposite characteristics on a scale. There’s nothing bad about being task-focused or people-focused. A DISC assessment just measures where job candidates are on the scale to help you hire the person who is the best match for the job.

The benefits of using a disc assessment in recruiting

A DISC behavior profile will not only tell you who is suited to a job but will also tell you:

  • What motivates and demotivates your employees,
  • How your employees communicate,
  • How your employees respond to pressure,
  • What your employees strengths are an,
  • What potential limitations your employees have.