A Complete Hiring and Intervieiwing Guide for Recruiters to Hire for Performance

Hiring is one of the most important managerial decisions. But it can also be a difficult process if you don't know how to interview. Use this pack to manage the interview process and improve your interview skills. This will improve the performance of your team by getting the best possible staff and avoiding bad hires.

The Pack Contains Everything That You Need to:

  • Create a customized interview;
  • Run a consistent interview process every time;
  • Accurately record candidate responses;
  • Effectively evaluate skills and competencies;
  • Evaluate job candidates against each other and;
  • Make better hiring decisions.

The Pack Includes all the Hiring Resources That you Need:

  • The best interview questions to ask job candidates;
  • A comprehensive selection of behavioral interview questions to evaluate a wide range of skills and competencies;
  • A job competency guide for identifying the most important skills and competencies for a role/ job;
  • A job description template to clearly define your requirements;
  • A values assessment to identify candidates who are a good job fit;
  • A reference check template to make sure that you make good hiring decisions and avoid the costs of a bad hire and;
  • An interview checklist to make sure that you don't miss any important steps in the recruitment process.

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Interview questions and answers, interview tips and resources to guide the interviewer through the process of interview preparation, conducting an interview and making a hire