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Employee Performance Reviews

Manager Foundation Style

Taking Stock, Resetting Course and Planning the Future

Most managers dread employee performance reviews because they seem like a lot of work with very little payoff. This is understandable when you consider that lot of managers also "save up" all their performance communication. Then deliver in one foul swoop during performance reviews.

A performance review is not a substitute for managing employees. The performance review is a regular opportunity to:

  • Take stock of the situation,
  • Make changes and,
  • Reset good behaviors and communications. 

There is not much point in doing a backwards- looking document, unless it’s used to make future changes.


In a recent survey of 1,400 chief financial officers by the staffing firm Robert Half International, respondents reported that managers at their companies spent an average of 17% of their time on underperforming employees - nearly one day out of every week.

When you do employee performance reviews you will start to manage your employees more proactively. Download your copy now to get an easy to implement performance review process that gives you beneficial results.


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Employee Performance Reviews are a part of Performance Communication - a fundamental manager skill. The other key skills that make up the Management Foundations are:

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