One on One Meetings With Staff are the heartbeat of Management

Tip: Find out how to have ultimate one on one meetings with staff in three easy steps. (Includes a best practice one on one form and one on one email invite)

Let’s face it, being a boss sounds glamorous but the reality is that it can be a real pain in the butt. Chasing up deadlines, dealing with disputes and being responsible for the work of every member of your team. Being a boss is a hard job. And we are just getting started. When are you meant to find the time to do your own work?

The single easiest management practice is regular one on one meetings with staff. Do one on ones right and you can take care of almost all your management responsibilities in one go.


The reason why not every manager believes in one on one meetings with staff is because not every manager knows how to do fast, high quality one on ones. As with anything in life, do it wrong and you're simply not going to see the results. 

give your one-on-one meeting skills a check-up

Are you having high quality one on one meetings with staff that get things done? Take this quick quiz to find out...

  1. Do you meet with each of your directs at a set time every week to catch-up on work, projects and personal issues?
  2. Do you use a one on one form to record and keep track of one on one meetings with staff?
  3. Do you have a list of questions to ask during one on one meetings?
  4. Do you use weekly one on one meetings to delegate to your employees?
  5. Do you use weekly one on one meetings to focus on employee growth and development?
  6. Do your employees know what to do in one on one meetings?

If you found yourself mostly answering, 'NO' to these questions then it a red flag that you need to improve your one on one meeting practice.


And the reason why bosses and employees have poor one on ones is simply because no-one shows you how to have high quality one on ones. I know none of my my bosses every taught me this skill and clearly no-one ever showed them either.

3 Steps 2 easy 1 on 1's

What I do with Manager Foundation is that I show you the real world boss skills that you need but they don't teach you in university. That's why I made a mini-course on one on ones which will show you 3 Steps 2 Easy 1 on 1's. What I expect you'll find is that you already know some of the content on some type of level but maybe you're not putting it into practice. This course will help.


  • A One-on-One template & Tips
  • One-on-One meeting agenda
  • One-on-One Email invite


  1. Questions to Ask in One-on-One Employee Meetings

  2. 3 Steps 2 Easy 1 on 1s: The quickest way to awesome One-on-One meetings