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There are a lot of managers who consider employee growth and development as a “nice-to-have” instead of a “must-have”. It takes time and gets in the way of doing the job. And when push comes to shove it’s the first thing to be pushed aside. 

Mentoring supports employee growth and development

But Research shows that learning and development is one of the top drivers of employee engagement and retention. Even more important than leadership, culture and compensation. 

That's why great managers and leaders throughout history have used mentoring as a tool for inspiring positive growth and development in employees. Plus, more professionals these days are actively pursuing mentoring to advance their careers. 

Mentoring - a Win for Managers, Employees and Organizations

Mentoring is a win-win-win solution:

  • The only cost is a small time investment from the mentor and mentee,
  • The mentee gains valuable advice from the mentor based on years of personal experience,
  • The mentor has an opportunity to share their expertise while developing their own leadership skills and,
  • The organization gets better employee performance through increased employee engagement and retention.

Get the Complete Mentoring Hand Guide for Managers and Employees and Find Out:

  • How to start a mentoring program,
  • The roles and responsibilities of the mentor and mentee,
  • What mentoring will do for the employee, the manager and the organization.

"Mentoring has had such a profound impact on my life and Virgin’s success that I feel it’s paramount to any promising           businessperson’s journey."

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- Richard Branson


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Inspiring Growth through mentoring is a fundamental management skill. The other key skills that make up the Management Foundations are:

The Management Foundations to Make Managing Easy Jpeg
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