Fact: Meetings are the Single Largest Waste of Time...

Meetings are the single largest waste of time in organizations. Research shows that up to half of the time you spend on meetings is unproductive.

Use an Agenda to Start Having Meetings That Matter

If you're wondering how to have better meetings then the first step is to start using a meeting agenda. This template will make sure that your meetings:

  • Start on time;
  • Keep to time;
  • Avoid non-productive diversions;
  • Increase employee engagement and participation during meetings;
  • Get things done and improve employee productivity;
  • Finish on time;
  • And more.
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You can save hours every week and have more successful meetings by using a meeting agenda. Whether it's a staff meeting, board meeting or annual general meeting you can take back control of your meeting time. Download your agenda template now and start having meetings that matter. 

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