I used this to take a company with declining sales to a sustained sales growth of over 30% while cutting more than 25% out of the cost base in 8 months (Case study here)

Employees are Unhappy, Managers are Working Hard and Companies Have Low Profitability

The Management Sweetspot is a concept that has been used successfully to help companies achieve incredible results, reducing the effects of low profits, caused by unhappy employees and frustrated, overworked managers.  I do this in one or more of the following ways:

  • Getting more from employees by tapping into their internal motivators which results in higher performance and happier staff
  • Reduction of management risk, frustration and overwork that results from staff mistakes, lack of ownership and low output
  • Time efficient techniques to save time managing staff and reducing management interruptions

If any of the above sound familiar and are important to you then:

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