dealing with employee problems is a typical management problem

Being the boss sounds great, but being the boss comes with power and responsibility. You're not just responsible for your own problems - you're responsible for everyone else's problems too. Pretty soon people are bringing you their problems in an unending stream. Now how are you meant to do your own work when you have so much of everyone else's to do? This leads to stress.

Your own habits are causing your problems

But like a Pavlovian response, when you fix their problems you are training them to bring you more problems. So the more problems you fix, the more problems you get until you’re totally snowed under. It’s much better to train them to fix their own problems because then you will get fewer and fewer problems…

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Deal with employee problems using a secret ninja manager skill

There is a super simple technique to deal with employee problems.  This is another one of my ninja management skills that I show you in WWW.BOSS.CAMP  because when you get it right it’s like magic.  What you do is that you catch their problem and then you give it back to them. And I’ll show you how you can do this and achieve management Zen. Keep Calm It’s not your problem.

Active listening is the key

Listening is the key to understanding the root problem. This course will show you how to:

  • Be assertive in a creative manner,
  • Take back control of your time,
  • Encourage your employees to solve their own problems,
  • Improve productivity,
  • Increase employee creativity and ownership.
The Management Foundations - Fundamental Manager Skills to make Managing Easy Jpeg

Dealing With Employee Problems Through Active Listening is a fundamental manager skill. The other key skills that make up the Management Foundations are:

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