Using job competencies to hire the right person for the job

Job Competencies are the skills, attributes and behaviors that are required to do a job effectively. Therefore they vary according to the job. This is where a lot of job descriptions fall short. Because they focus more on the work - tasks and duties - and not on the unique characteristics of people doing the work. When you weigh this against the cost of making a bad hire then competency based hiring is a good return on investment. 

Competency Based Hiring...

Is more effective at pinpointing individuals who will be successful performing a job. Organizations that use competency based hiring are better positioned to:

  • Recruit,
  • Select and,
  • Develop the most successful people.

That's why competencies are an important tool. Much like a compass they ensure that you find direction in attracting the best, most productive and promotable people. 


Developing talent is critical to the future success of organizations. That's why using competencies to create a more talented workforce is key to maintaining a competitive edge.


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