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What is Interview Success about?

Hiring is a real pain in the butt. Sourcing candidates, screening, interviewing, hiring etc. takes up a lot of time. And don't even mention recruitment fees. But even average job candidates get good at interviewing which is just one reason why more than 50% of new hires fail to meet expectations. With so much time, money and effort at stake, Hiring for Performance makes a massive return. Hire the right person and they will literally make your problems go away.

The problem is that companies and recruiters don't give bosses the support they need. (For example I bet your company has never sent you on a course on how to hire). But then it's the poor boss who get's stuck with an underperforming team member. Interview Success includes:

  • Never miss a step with the Interview Checklist
  • How to quickly filter applicants to save time
  • How to spot bad hires from ruining your day (life)
  • And more

Who are we?

Founder - Keith, back when he had a little hair and worked in Norway. Yes that's an unfashionable Polar watch on the left arm and a Blackberry in the right hand.

Founder - Keith, back when he had a little hair and worked in Norway. Yes that's an unfashionable Polar watch on the left arm and a Blackberry in the right hand.

I believe that work isn't working. Too many people feel trapped in jobs they dislike. And it's the poor bosses who get stuck with low staff performance. Bosses end up having to work long hours to fix employee problems. People are complex and that's why managing is difficult. Bosses don't get enough help managing their employees. Companies expect managers to get on with the job but they provide little, if any, training. Bosses need practical day-to-day skills to motivate and retain staff. Skills that you don't learn in school. HR departments are more about compliance than motivation.

You have Boss Power

Yet it's you the boss who has the power to change this. You can take control of the recruiting process to ensure that you get great hires. You can help your employees find value and meaning in the work they do. And when they do, your employees will work harder and find more life satisfaction.

This is ethical management. Traditional performance management is about negative compliance. Incentives are about "bribing" your employees to do something they should do anyway but don't want to do. A better way is using inspiring performance communication and working with employees internal motivators.

Mindful management for the best of the best

As a Chartered Accountant and yoga teacher I like to mix the best of the best from the East and the West. I use mindfulness to achieve sustainable, bottom line results.


Hiring right now? 

If you're hiring right now I'd like to make a plug for an interviewing product. You can use the Power Interview Pack to:

  • Quickly screen out weak candidates
  • Thoroughly test candidates to make sure they have the skills you need
  • Easily compare candidates to get the best of the best
  • Scientifically screen out bad hires

And more.

Assess candidates with powerful but easy to use tools

The Power Interview Pack isn't just a set of interview questions that you can download off the internet. The pack contains assessments for many types of abilities such as:

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Accuracy, Reasoning, Strategy, Planning, Selling/Persuading, Negotiation, Conflict Management, Customer Service, Business Process, Priority Management, Delivering to Tight Deadlines, Project Management, Employee Management, Finance, Technical Skills, Administration and more.

And the Power Interview Pack allows you to objectively evaluate and compare candidates in areas such as:

Ability to deliver results, logical thinking and planning, motivation & persistence, attention to detail, technical knowledge, communication, ownership

And check candidates values and culture fit.

The most important boss decision to get right

Get the right employee and managing will be easy. Hiring the wrong person can cost you a year of salary. But interviewing gives us very little information to make such an important decision. That's why half of hires are below expectations and 10% are value destroying bad hires. A small investment in better hiring is worth thousands in time, money and manager pain.