Hiring for Culture Fit

But when hiring managers neglect culture fit, the company and the employee share the burden. And individuals who are not a good fit can be toxic to the existing culture. The result is:

  • Conflict,
  • Miscommunication,
  • High staff turnover and,
  • Low productivity.

But the problem doesn't end there. Because values are difficult to change. That's why culture fit cannot easily be altered through training and development.

Use Interview Questions for Culture Fit

Cultural fit can be difficult to evaluate, except with specific testing. Download your free guide to get the best behavioral interview questions to ask job candidates to evaluate them for culture fit.

Job Candidates whose values and beliefs match those in the organization are a good cultural fit for the organization. Teams will communicate well, have good relationships, work well together and stay together.

“We’ve actually passed on a lot of really smart, talented people that we know can make an immediate impact on our top or bottom line, but if they’re not good for the company culture, we won’t hire them for that reason alone.”

- Tony Hsieh.

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