Interview Questions and Evaluation Process to Get Good Employees and Avoid Bad Hires.

Traditional interview questions give very little information about how well a candidate will perform in the job. The result, more than half of new hires fail to meet hiring expectations. And between 10% - 20% of new hires will be bad hires.

The Solution:

  • Interview questions specifically designed to test relevant job competencies;
  • Evaluation process to identify good and bad answers;
  • Comparison process to differentiate candidates and;
  • Running a specific process to identify and eliminate bad hires.

Note interviewing and interview questions are a part of a larger hiring process.

There are free Interview Questions in the library. Including Behavioral Interview Questions, Reference Checks, Interview Questions to avoid bad hires etc.

The best interviewing solution is the Power Interview Pack which is designed to improve company performance by getting the best hire for the job. It is a comprehensive interviewing solution.