Manager Foundation improves employee performance with time efficient management techniques that provide job satisfaction for employees. This is the "Management SweetSpot". The solutions are a series of practical management systems and techniques to manage employees and improve employee performance. A large part of this is developing manager skills for which we use the Manager Foundation training model.

The Manager Foundation Training Model

Managing people is a practical skill. It’s best to learn practical skills by applying them in a graduated manner. Each module has progressive learning steps. Students may choose to only study the the written material. This gives a great grounding in the theory and tells them exactly how to go about applying the techniques in practice. Students can also use the virtual coach to practice the techniques in real life situation. This provides more assurance the that they develop the skills and are using them in practice

How do we Know That it Works?

A: Because we only use techniques that have been proven to work in practice. We have researched, consolidated, tested and refined the best of the best so that you don't have to:

  • We use techniques that are supported by scientific studies
  • We use techniques that have been effectively used by many organizations and consultants
  • We use and refine these techniques ourselves
  • We have implemented these techniques at clients to great positive effect

What’s more is we not only tell you what to do, we tell you why to do it. We also explain how many conventional techniques are incorrect so you can avoid common mistakes

1. Training Modules

Example Module

Example Module

Including: The where, when and why to using the technique. Underlying theory, how to apply in practice, how to implement, relevant resources and forms. This is provided in written format for fast assimilation and easy reference. Students can cover the material at their own pace and convenience. Modules take between 30 - 120 minutes and cover the same amount of content as an instructor led training course of between half a day and a day

2. Knowledge Certification

A simple assessment to test whether the student has understood and retained the knowledge and concepts in the training module. Provides assurance of learning to the employer. Motivational to employees because it gives them something for their CV’s

3. Virtual Coach & Implementation guide

A progressive step-by-step guide: for implementation, skills development and how to put the techniques into practice. Includes a reporting system that tracks progress. This links in with the student’s manager/mentor as a social commitment device and provides assurance to the company that the benefits are being achieved

4. Practical Certification

The exercises performed with the virtual coach provides the basis to determine practical competence. Provides assurance of learning to the employer. Motivational to employees because it gives them something for their CV’s

5. Resources

We provide free resources to help you remember and use the correct techniques. You get a copy of these resources when you purchase a module and we provide copies for your easy access here: Resources

Scientific Studies

Employee engagement, retention, motivation, organizational performance: All of these have been researched in great detail to determine why people do what they do and what makes a successful organizations. The problem is that these studies are highly theoretical and don't give much practical advice about what you, the manager, should actually do. For example a key driver of employee engagement is the quality of the relationship with their direct manager. However none of these studies gives you training in how-to improve the relationship with your employees. So what we do is train you in a formulaic method that has been proven to improve the boss-employee relationship in an efficient and effective manner.