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Getting the right person for the job is the single most important thing to get right as a boss. And making a bad hire, is a painful and expensive mistake. Yet so few bosses get trained how to recruit. That’s why I’ve got help for you:

  • Never been trained how to hire the best staff?
  • Want to know how great managers get the right person for the job?
  • Want super efficient hiring techniques?

If any of the above apply to you then get a copy of the HIRE101 Hiring for Performance system. And get a free copy of the Power Interview Pack too.

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The best and most complete set of interview questions and employee evaluations.

  • Test employee competencies,
  • Behavioral interview questions,
  • How to identify bad hires,
  • Evaluate and Compare candidates,
  • Get candidates with right culture and values,
  • Customize interview to job spec,
  • Reference check templates,
  • and more.
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People are different which is wonderful but one of the reasons why managing is so difficult. Different people have different strengths and matching the right person to the job is the single most important thong for you to get right as a manager.

Psychometric testing is a powerful management tool for employee selection, motivation and retention. It will not only tell you who is best suites to the job but also gives you insight into the strengths and limitations of your new hires.

Did you know that 50% of bad hires don't start off as bad hires?

Hiring doesn't end when the ink dries on the contract. The best way to secure your hiring investment is to onboard your new employee in the best way.

This isn't an HR process, this is what you the manager has to do. This includes:

  • How to build functioning relationships
  • How to set performance expectations
  • Motivating and engaging your new hire
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