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Work Doesn't have to be a Dirty Four letter Word:

Founder Keith when he was rocking a beard

Founder Keith when he was rocking a beard

Did anyone show you how to have a happy, healthy and successful career? We know our education system is broken because it doesn't show us the real life skills we need. Trigonometry never helped me to get a job interview nor how to manage a disgruntled employee.

I wish someone had shown me how these things really work when I started working. Instead it took years of not even realising what I didn't know. That's why I started Manager Foundation - to bring awareness to these problems and help people fix them. Because I know that this is the path to having a happy, successful career.

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What you really need to have a happy, successful career:

Perhaps you were like me and spent many years and thousands of dollars to learn a trade? The thing is technical skills will only take you so far. Without investing in the following areas, working is going to be harder than it has to be and you will be wasting your time:

  1. Invest in your employability because knowing how to do a job isn't the same as knowing how to get the job you want. (Resources for your resume, interviewing and salary negotiation over here)
  2. Managing upwards so that your own success and happiness doesn't depend on your boss.
  3. Self Leadership & Productivity because it's too easy to drown under emails and distractions and
  4. Let's not forget other essential Management Skills like Delegation, Developing your employees, Effective Performance Communication, Hiring and Firing

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