The Role of Feedback in happy, Productive Companies

My vision is that you can use performance Feedback to give your employees work satisfaction and happiness.

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The Role of Feedback in Happy, Productive companies

Work isn’t working because people are unhappy and unengaged in their jobs. So how do you fix this? I’ve got a few different techniques but today I’m going to talk about my special version of Performance Feedback.

Giving performance feedback is an essential management activity. And the ability to give effective performance feedback is an essential management skill. Effective feedback is listened to and results in the change you want. Compare this to regular feedback which is ignored and fixes nothing.

Traditional performance management is seen as a negative thing. Something managers have to do when there is a problem. Something that employees dread. So managers try to disguise negative performance feedback by sandwiching it between something positive. Or they avoid or delay giving feedback. Or managers give feedback and employees carry on doing what they’ve always done – it doesn’t fix anything.

But it’s time that we woke up and realised that there is a better way. Because performance feedback can be so much more. Because when you do Performance feedback properly you can use it to make your employees happy and productive. Because:

  • You help employees to understand the importance of the work they do in life and for other people

  • You show your employees that you care for them and what they do is important to you. Also called acknowledgement

  • Better communications builds better relationships

These are the sorts of things that help your employees to find value and meaning in the work they do and to find job satisfaction.

Beauty of Effective Manager Foundation Performance Feedback

The beauty of Effective Performance Feedback is that you use it to improve employee performance. But you’re also helping employees to find value and meaning in the work that they do.

So what happens is you get the behaviour change that you wanted. But you also get more productivity and increased motivation. Employees who feel acknowledged, who feel that they are doing meaningful work and who have a good relationship with their boss are less likely to leave. This is true even if they are offered more money elsewhere. This means that effective performance feedback is a good retention tool.

Workplace happiness is missing

The reason that this is so important is because right now work is a dirty word! And my vision is to fix this and to “make work work”. The research says that over half of people don’t like their jobs. If you’ve ever ridden the tube on a Monday morning you know how miserable this is making us. Most of us would be somewhere else if we didn’t have bills to pay. Considering we spend more time working than doing anything else this is an absolute travesty. This is because people aren’t finding meaning and fulfilment in the work they do. If you’re not happy at work, your life happiness is going to take a major blow.

Manager Skills can make people happy!

I think that this is one of the biggest problems we face and I think it’s time that we woke up and realised that there is a better way. Work doesn’t have to suck. Because you as a manager have the power to help your employees to find work satisfaction. You have the power to help your employees find meaning in the work they do. You can help your employees find life happiness. But it’s not just about them because this will make your employees more productive and easier to manage.

Managers are struggling too

On the other side we have the poor over worked managers. Manager’s who are responsible for the work of a bunch of staff who would rather be on the beach. And most managers haven’t been trained how to motivate and manage their employees. The reason I started Manager Foundation is because I wish that I had had this knowledge years ago. There isn’t any other easy way to get it and so I want to make it accessible to everyone.

So what we have is unhappy, unproductive employees, managed by overworked and stressed managers. No wonder companies are in trouble.

When your employees are more motivated, they will do a better job and your life as a manager get’s easier. Not to mention the improved company results.

The Management Sweetspot

When it’s good for managers, good for employees and good for the company then you’re in the management sweetspot. You achieve results with mutual benefit.

But if you apply traditional management techniques then:

  • Employees become resentful of having to do more work

  • Employees don’t take ownership,

  • Employees don’t respect you and may even dislike you and

  • Of course the work suffers and your job as a manager will be really hard

So you’re out of the management sweetspot.

Wake up now!

So it’s time that we realised that people don’t have to hate their jobs. We don’t have to hate our bosses. It’s time to wake up and realise that work doesn’t have to suck. And you have the power to make a difference in your employee’s life. I want to make work more awesome but I need your help to spread this message because I can’t do it on my own.

The traditional way of managing just isn’t working. There is a better way. It’s time that we woke and realised that the way we are doing things now is causing stress, it’s making people unhappy, it destroying relationships and it’s making companies fail. If we carry on doing what we’ve always done we will have the same problems like we’ve always had. Day after day, just like ground hog day.

The future of work

Work is changing; technology and outsourcing are taking jobs as we know it away. The concept of a safe job for life is already gone. And we can’t rely on companies to invest in our careers and invest in our development. If we don’t develop ourselves we will be left behind. And millenials don’t respect authority. Millenials are hypersensitive to negative criticism. And it’s not just a phase; it’s a trend that’s only getting stronger and stronger. What’s worked in the past won’t work in the future. That’s why we need to wake up and realise there is a better way.

How this helps you

But I also want to make a difference in your life. Because being a manager is a tough job. Getting people to do what you want is difficult. So I will show you what to do and how to do it. No one else will give you the actual words to say to your employees.

  • If you become the boss who’s employees listen to what you say and do what you ask

  • If you become the boss who’s employees like working hard for

  • If you become the boss who produces results

You can imagine what this is going to do for your career and your salary. But it’s

Going to help you with your own work happiness and when you help people to grow it, it feels pretty awesome too.

Do you think this is a worthwhile message?

Now if you like this message, I hope that you will share it. Because there are way too many unhappy people in work. And far too many managers are expected to know how to manage employees without help. I need your help to help them. In your network there are overworked managers, managers struggling with employee problems and managers who have just been promoted without management training. Yes I want you to help for my own self-interest. But a better workplace is good for all of us. And for you it’s a great way for you to build relationships and favours with people. And helping people feels good too.