SELF LEADERSHIP with DISC Psychometric profiles for employees

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You know how:

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  • You get along with some people but not others?
  • You are good at some jobs but not others?
  • It's not always easy to know or communicate what makes you different to other people?
  • Ever so often a personal blind spot rears it's head and sets you back?

A DISC profile provides a deep insight into yourself, what makes you different to other people, what other people think of you and importantly what are your blind spots that you need to be aware of. A DISC profile provides life strategies that are tailored for you.

A DISC profile provides a level of self awareness that is essential for your success in your work and personal life. People use their profiles to have better relationships, increase productivity, communicate better and increase their employability. Not to mention identify blind spots that have been holding them back in life.

You can get an upgraded, professional psychometric test on this page here or apply for a lighter-weight free sample in the form on this page

Special mention: DISC for Career Management

People who know their DISC profile have better careers through increased self awareness. Here are 3 examples of how you can use DISC to have a more rewarding career:

  1. A DISC profile will identify what jobs you are suited for and how you can create a better working environment for yourself.
  2. Hate answering the "Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses" question? A psychometric profile generates a scientifically validated answer for you. Knowing your own DISC profile helps you to interview better.
  3. Recruiters use psychometric tests to match candidates to jobs. Get the inside track by finding out what your psychometric test says about you. (See this article to find out what recruiters do with your personality test)