What they never taught you in school about people

We know people are different. What works for one person can totally backfire with another. Exactly what that is can be a mystery. But it doesn't have to be a mystery any more because you can now figure people out with DISC - DISC is like an instruction manual for people.

Knowing how people work and how they differ is a life skill that everyone except hermits needs. If success with people translates into success in every walk of life then don't you think that they should've taught us about this in school? Unfortunately this is another example of something important that got missed from your school curriculum. But now you have a chance to find out how people work to convert this into success in business, your own personal effectiveness and relationships. 

What are some of the problems that you can solve with the DISC behavior model?

If you recognize some of these, it's a sign that you need to find out more about DISC. Do you find that:

  • Certain people act in unexpected and illogical ways?
  • Certain people don't listen to what you say?
  • It's difficult to persuade certain people to your point of view?
  • Do you find you're in conflict with certain people that's difficult to de-escalate and resolve?
  • Do you find that some people take you in totally the wrong way? Often resulting in miscommunications and conflict.

You see the secret is that everyone acts in a way that makes total sense to them. If they didn't, they would change their behavior until their actions and thoughts aligned. DISC is the key to unlock this.

DISC isn't just about other people, it's about you too:

The other secret is that as much as some people's behavior baffles you and leaves you frustrated, irritated or judgmental of them, your behavior has exactly the same negative effect on them. Personal success is virtually impossible without self awareness of how other people perceive you and react to you. 

If you are usually bobbling along doing fine but every now and then you get sideswiped by a blind spot like struggling in work, getting into conflict then this is a sign that you may have a blind spot that DISC can identify and fix.


You can choose your friends but in business you have to be effective with all types of people even if you do not naturally match their type. 

  • DISC behaviour differences can manifest into flawed communications, dysfunctional relationships and conflict.
  • A business that uses the strengths of different behavior types will be much more successful than a monoculture.
  • The DISC behaviour model can inform you about your natural leadership style and how to adjust your leadership style to get better management results
  • Each behavior type has some tendencies which can be detrimental to business if they are not managed.

Are you a manager looking to find out your management strengths, reveal blind spots and get customised management strategies to be a better boss? For less than the price of a single session of a business coach you can be comprehensively assessed in under 30 minutes. Get a professional DISC for managers profile here


Understanding DISC is so important in managing people that it is one of the Foundational Skills. Manager Foundation uses action oriented steps that any manager can use with any member of staff. But it is more effective to adjust your interactions to the individual. The DISC model provides a simple but effective behavior model. Using behavior models with the Manager Foundation management techniques is an incredibly powerful combination.

Managing employees is a complex job - people are different and what works for one employee doesn't work for everyone else. Are you a manager looking to find out how to motivate your employees, discover their strengths and be warned about their risky negative tendencies? Find out your employees DISC profiles here

The universal truth of DISC - it's all around us but we never noticed

Since ancient times philosophers have known that there are 4 major personality types. Some have used the four elements to describe them. Some use spirit animals. The characters in Shakespeare can be matched to the four types. Every one of your favourite TV shows or books has each of the four types. We are surrounded by this universal truth and now you can find out what these are and how to convert this into life success.

Every person on this planet fit's into one of these 4 main types, the only difference is how they combine. What is your type? What about the people around you? Your boss, employees, spouse, family, friends... How you interact can be predicted by DISC.