Make Your performance communication More Motivational Using DISC

Sometimes you give good performance feedback to staff and they still don't change their behavior. This can be incredibly frustrating.

The reason is simple - most people don't see the world the same way that you do. And what is motivating to you is not motivating to everyone else. In fact most people have a different personality profile to you. What happens is you ask your employees to do something but they ignore the message and your performance communication has failed.

The key to changing someone's behavior is to provide performance communication with a message that is motivating to them.

Luckily the DISC model gives us a good way of adapting performance communication to make it more effective. DISC is a behaviour profiling system (some people would say a personality test) that is simple enough for non psychologists to use but powerful.

An Example of Using a Relevant Motivator

When you are giving performance feedback such as:

"Sue, when you don't use the new filing system, the files aren't consistently organized."

To a High-S (someone who doesn't like change, and who doesn't value organization) the likely response is:

"I don't see the reason for all these changes: I know the old file system and it works fine for me"

Instead you can customize your message to be more important to a High-S which is relationships, other people and maintaining calm like this:

"Sue, when you don't use the new filing system, the rest of the team don't know where to find them and this is very frustrating for all of us. We depend on you using the system so that we can do our jobs"

Use the DISC System to:

  • Make your performance communication more effective,
  • Motivate your employees to improve employee performance and
  • Increase employee engagement
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