WHat DISC can do for you

1. Managing People:

You know how people are complex and it's difficult to manage them because what works with one person doesn't work with the next? A DISC profile is like an operating manual for people because it will tell you how to manage and motivate each employee to get better performance from them. It will tell you your employees strong points and what deficiencies you need to know about as their boss. DISC improves communication, relationships, matching the right employee to the task and more.

Successful bosses adapt their management styles to each staff member to create pleasant and profitable work environments

2. self Leadership:

You know how:

  • You get along with some people but not others?
  • You are good at some jobs but not others?
  • It's not always easy to know or communicate what makes you different to other people?
  • Ever so often a personal blind spot rears it's head and sets you back?

A DISC profile provides a deep insight into yourself, what makes you different to other people, what other people think of you and importantly what are your blind spots that you need to be aware of. A DISC profile provides life strategies that are tailored for you.

A DISC profile provides a level of self awareness that is essential for your success in your work and personal life. People use their profiles to have better relationships, increase productivity, communicate better and increase their employability. Not to mention identify blind spots that have been holding them back in life.


You know how the recruitment process is subjective, painful, time consuming and results in mis-hires? DISC is a great evaluation tool to objectively match the right person to the job and identify potential problems before a hire is made.

Bosses who use DISC for recruitment hire better employees and make fewer bad hires. These bosses also know how to get better employee performance from day one because they know how to best manage their new hire.

More about DISC?

DISC is a well established and researched topic. If you'd like to find out more there is more information at the bottom of this page. Or get a sample with the:

(These are lightweight samples of what DISC can do). 


People are different and as such it's essential to understand what these differences are and how they affect people in the workplace. DISC is like an operating manual for people. DISC is based on a well established psychological model. It sounds fancy but all that it does is that it tests a person's preferences and then makes extrapolations based on that. People are not as predictable as machines and the DISC model is proven to be around 80% predictive. The assessment takes around ten minutes and will identify a "personality type". Based on this a customised profile is generated which includes:

  • Strong points and blindspots
  • Compatibility with tasks
  • Compatibility with other personality types
  • Recommendations for improved performance
  • And much, much more - see one of the sample reports in the products.

Do you need a disc profile?

Personally I think it's essential for everyone to get the self awareness that DISC provides. By definition blindspots are things that we are unaware of. It's these blindspots that are holding us back in personal effectiveness, relationships and work.

DISC for Job Seekers: