Know a Manager that Needs Help? Anonymous Nomination Service

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The Office TV show, the Dilbert cartoon, the workplace is sometimes so bad it's comical. That's because managing employees is difficult. And managers seldom get good management training.

I know that there are many managers who need help. This is because when I speak to people about Manager Foundation, I always get told that they know a manager who needs help. But the amazing thing is I never meet any of these managers who say: "You know what - I'm really struggling with some of my staff."

If your manager hasn't learnt how to make a good workplace then this is going to impact you directly. Given how much time we spend at work I think we should make work a more rewarding place to be.

So I'm launching this anonymous nomination service to help Dilbert Proof your organisation. By Dilbert Proof I mean to help managers:

  • Improve employee productivity and performance;
  • Increase employee engagement;
  • Increase employee motivation and;
  • Increase employee retention

... in a way that results in happier employees.

How it Works:

You provide me with contact details of a manager who needs help. I send them a carefully worded email with targeted advice for the issue you described.

Note: Clearly this is a sensitive topic, I will filter anything I feel is spurious, abusive or fake. The more detail you provide, the more I can help. Because they don't know who I am it will help if you can provide some background information to prove that this is not a bulk email. 

Name of Manager *
Name of Manager
What did they do that didn't work out? Why do you think they are struggling. Try be factual
Provide something that proves this is not a bulk email. Like where they work, what they do.
Your name
Your name
I will not reveal your name to the manager unless you specifically give permission. You do not have to give you name however giving me your name helps to prove that this is a genuine intervention
Option not to be anonymous
Check this box if you are ok for me to inform the other party who nominated them. Do not check the box if you wish to remain anonymous. But remember the manager will be more likely to listen to a message from someone that they know
Is this person a new manager?
Does this person need help because they have recently been promoted to manager?