Bosses are responsible for GETTING RESULTS THROUGH OTHERS

There are managers who believe that only they have the skills, knowledge and expertise to get the job done. Or even worse - they feel that they need to micro-manage the work their staff do to make sure it's done properly. Unfortunately even though they believe they are the "best" at completing certain tasks it doesn't necessarily make them the most effective or productive.

One of your key managerial roles is to get results through others. Highly effective managers routinely delegate tasks to their direct reports because they understand the value of growing their team and improving their personal productivity.


So what I’ve done is that I’ve used my experience in working with managers to make a short quiz that can answer this for you. It only takes a couple minutes of your time and at the end of the quiz I give you an additional insight into your personal performance and productivity. This is part of if you haven’t joined yet then go there now to get more like this.

Using the experience of other managers

There are typically a number of reasons why managers don't delegate to their direct reports and I use the answers to the quiz to work out if delegation can improve your productivity. When I work with clients, one of the first things that I do is work out if there is a problems and then where it is. So this is a good way for you to “get some free consulting”.

You can take the quiz here.

Just answer the questions as best you feel.

DELEGATION that works

This module is part of the Delegation System. This is a system to free up more of your time to focus on your priorities while developing and motivating your staff by using delegation that actually works. You can get this system here...

DELE101 - Delegation That Works
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Boss Camp will show you how to improve employee performance by showing you what they never taught you in school. The program includes topics such as:

  • How to motivate employees
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Delegation Quiz Questions...

Can delegation improve your productivity?

The first step is to work out whether this delegation technique can assist you or not. I'm going to take you through a quick quiz. This will also set a baseline. And I will use the answers to give you a surprising insight at the end. You can download a copy of the quiz or fill it in online. I recommend filling the quiz online because this helps to customise solutions for your exact problem. But if you like you can also quickly answer these on a piece of paper - grab a note pad and to make space split the page into two columns. Odd answers on the left and evens on the right...

Evaluate your answers:

If you answered YES to four or more of the above questions, then the Manager Foundation Delegation process will save you time and help you to get more done.

Additional Insight:

  • If you had a lot of Yes answers for the even numbers, you need to delegate more

  • If you had a lot of Yes answers for the odd numbers, then improving the way you delegate will help. You are having bad outcomes when you do delegate. This is a technique issue

Even more insight – common issues

I’m going to give you even more insight into the individual questions. Why I ask these specific questions. I’m basing this on years of experience working with managers on their delegation issues.

What this will do is identify what is going wrong so you can fix it. This is part of the next section of the Delegation that works technique in www.Boss.Camp.

Delegation Quiz Answers...


How are your employees performing – when you give them a task is the result good enough or not? To find out take the Delegation Quiz and then find out what the results mean in this section.

This is where you get the answers and the meaning behind the quiz. This is part of If you haven’t taken the quiz yet then join the program to get it. Otherwise you can access the quiz at PS no peaking at the answers below because I recommend taking the quiz first to get an unbiased result.


When you finish the quiz, you get a basic result of whether delegation is working or not.

Delegating is a key management activity – you could say that the whole purpose of managers is to give work to employees in a way that results a job well done.

Now the first problem that many managers have is that they don’t delegate enough. And usually the reason for this is because of the second problem that when they do delegate they get bad results. As you can imagine getting people to work hard and do what you want isn’t easy. And then bosses get stuck in a reinforcing circle – because your employees don’t do a good job, you delegate less.

The lucky thing is that delegation is a pretty standard process. So the reasons for bad work outcomes are easy enough to understand. There is a common list of things that go wrong.

That’s why I’ve carefully selected every question in the delegation quiz. Each question means something and this is where you find out what these questions mean. And what you can do about it…

What do the answers mean?

Apologies in advance – the following section will sound critical to some people.  I’ll ask you to bear with me because this is part of the development process.

Not delegating enough – Results is overwork

When you aren’t delegating enough you will be overworked – meaning you will have a bad work life balance because you will have to work overtime to finish your work. But it’s not just about work-life balance, not delegating enough puts your work at risk because low priority tasks are drowning out important work.

Peter Drucker: Concentrate on your strengths

As Peter Drucker says you will perform better when you concentrate on a small number of high priority responsibilities. By not playing to your strengths, you will be performing below your potential. And when you do tasks that you are not an expert at you’re not only wasting time, an expert could do a better job than you. Your employees are there to do their job so that you can yours. If you spend your time doing low value added activities then it’s difficult to justify your salary. It’s not saving the company money because the company is paying manager salary for team member work.

Team not skilled

When your team doesn’t know how to do a significant part of your role, this places a lot of pressure on you. This means that work cannot progress without you and creates a high risk to business continuity. Some managers feel that this makes them indispensible but it just makes them over worked and a sticking point to work progress. Instead of protecting their jobs, it means that managers cannot be promoted and employees get frustrated with lack of growth, lack of trust and lack of transparency. Employees are denied highly valuable opportunities for growth, exposure and progression. These opportunities are a powerful way to motivate employees and improve their productivity

Team reliant on you – no initiative, not motivated

When you employees rely on input from you, do sub-optimal work or don’t take initiative to solve their own problems, this shows that they do not have enough ownership for their work and that they are not sufficiently motivated. This means you get low work quality and quantity. And you will have to redo work.

Management Myth – Do it yourself

There is a saying if you want something done right, do it yourself. But this is a total management myth. Because you’re not the best at everything. Many people can do a better job than you can. Feeling that you have to do everything yourself is just evidence of not being able to motivate your employees.

Lack of communication

Confidence in employees progress is a simple communications issue which can be easily fixed with a small technique change.


Now that was a lot of describing things that are going wrong with the delegation process. It’s extremely common because getting employees to do high quality work is difficult. And you’re not alone -

According to a 2007 study by the Institute for Corporate Productivity 50% of the

332 companies surveyed are concerned about the delegation skills of their managers. And many managers end up with super hero syndrome where they try do everything and solve all the problems. So if you identified with any of the issues discussed, this is a good thing because the point of this exercise is to fix these items. The more issues you have the more benefit you’ll get ;-)

But I’m also going to be asking you to do something. Are you prepared to try something new to solve the problems we have identified?