boss power vs authority

part 2: expertise

Expertise power comes from your knowledge. The way it works is that when you talk to your employees about a technical topic they will tend to listen to you. The problem is that it's impossible to be an expert at everything so managers need a better way to manage their employees.


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1. Expertise power

Expertise power is from your knowledge. For example you are the accountant that has passed all of the board exams and you’re talking to a trainee clerk.

The way expertise power works is that when you talk about the technical topic, your employees will tend to listen to you.

The problem with expertise power is that it’s limited to what you know and what people think you know. So it’s all very fine and well when you manage technical staff with the same expertise as you but what happens when you manage staff with different expertise?

Where expertise power fails.

This typically happens when you get further on in your career and higher in the organisation. When you have a broader management role you could be managing staff that are doing something that you know little about. You don’t have much credibility when you try to tell your employees what they should be doing when they know more than you do! This is why managing people with more technical expertise than you is challenging to many managers.

So that’s why expertise power is limited. And when you hire smart staff, as you should, your staff can even have expertise power over you. And you see many symptoms of these problems. Such as employees that resent their bosses input and that don’t respect or listen to their bosses. The problem is that it’s impossible to be an expert at everything so managers need a better way to manage employees.