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Why Boss CAMP?

Founder Keith when he was rocking a beard

Founder Keith when he was rocking a beard

I wish someone had shown me how to manage staff when I first started working. That's why I made Boss Camp. I'm lucky to have worked with very smart people, the sorts of people that have changed entire industries in countries. And I've worked with some great leaders. Leaders on top of organisations with tens of thousands of employees. But being smart doesn't make you a good boss. Being a leader doesn't make you a good manager because these are different skills.

Are you in unconscious pain?

Managing is hard. People are complex. People can be stubborn or ignorant. You're responsible for your employees output when most employees would rather be doing something else. This creates a lot of stress for managers and additional work. I used to think that this was just part of the job. What I didn't realise was that this comes with a cost. Working long hours in a stressful environment takes its toll on your health and relationships. Working late, fixing employee mistakes, feeling stressed isn't "just part of the job" It's a sign that something is wrong. And we need to find a better way. What I've learnt is a lot of bosses are struggling with poor employee performance. But like the frog in boiling water they haven't realised the true cost of this burden.


What I've come to understand is, how important the relationship with the boss is. We spend so much time at work. CEO's get all the glamour but it's the boss who has the direct relationship with employees. The best way to manage is to help your employees to find value and meaning in the work they do. Because when you do this, your employees find job satisfaction. They become happier. And they contribute more to work. Then managing becomes easy.

The words Manager, supervisor, boss have negative connotations - time to take this back

No-one likes to be "bossed around" or "told what to do". Few people truly like and respect their bosses. The word leader is desirable but the word manager has negative connotations. This is a sign of how flawed management is. It's time to take this back.

Stop playing lip service to people management

People truly are your greatest asset. But so few firms act like they believe this is true. I believe this is because they don't know how to put great sounding platitudes into meaningful action. Being a boss isn't something you do a few times a year in performance reviews. Being a boss consists of several actions, some daily, some weekly, some monthly and so on. Boss Camp isn't just theory, it's about the practical actions that make for a better workplace. 

Mindful management for profit

Better management is the best way to better profits. Most resources are constrained but people are resourceful and creative when they are motivated. Hire the right staff, provide a little direction and motivation and they will literally make your biggest problem go away.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein

The first step on any change is coming to the realisation that what we are doing isn't working and we need to find a better way. This is why mindfulness and awareness are such powerful tools. I use the mindfulness concept of awareness to work out what isn't working. But it's not just about making work a nicer place. Ethical management techniques achieve sustainable, bottom line results.

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