The most important work relationship you have

Note: This is not about "Managing your Boss" because you don't manage your boss, your boss manages you. This is about empowering yourself to take ownership for the relationship, communications and deliverables. Don't ever tell your boss that you are managing them because they will not like that!

What everyone gets wrong with their boss:

It's no surprise that your boss is the key to your workplace success and happiness. But did you know that right now you are wasting your time on doing the wrong things in the wrong way and you're not getting due credit for what you have done?

Create win-win with your boss to get what you want:

The simple fact is that people are different and what makes sense to you doesn't work for most of the population (including your boss). By following this process you will find how how to work better with your boss. This system works on a win-win basis. By understanding your boss's needs, preferences and working style you will be able to satisfy more of your boss's needs by working smarter, not harder.

It's not just about the money

Working better with your boss is your best route to increased bonuses, raises and promotions but it's not just about the money because this process is also about you. Find out how to get recognition for your achievements, improve personal growth and create a harmonious work environment.

Bosses are the people with the greatest control over a manager’s success. How well the manager manages the relationship will, to a great degree, have a critical impact on the manager’s career aspirations and success at that job.
— Business Journal

This System will show you how to:

  1. Find out your boss's priorities and how you fit in,
  2. Find out what you should not be wasting your time on,
  3. Find out your boss's preferences,
  4. Build the best possible functional relationship with your boss,
  5. Communicate in the best manner with your boss and,
  6. Navigate your boss's political landscape (and more).

Are you unhappy at work, overworked, not progressing or not getting on with your boss?

In a perfect world we'd all be fulfilled at work, have opportunities to do what we're good at, get to progress into new opportunities, get acknowledgement and financial recognition for our contribution, not to mention have great relationships with our bosses. But we're not in a perfect world. Bosses have a tough job to do but most don't receive any meaningful training in how to be a boss. This is why it's no surprise that employees end up hating their job and feeling unfulfilled. It's no secret that many employees actively dislike their bosses but feel trapped. But what is a secret is that you don't have to accept this, you can complain about your situation or you can empower yourself to take action to fix it. 

These are some of the signs that you need to follow the process set out in the guide:

  • Unhappy/ feeling unfulfilled at work
  • Feeling disconnected from your boss (your boss doesn't seem to understand you nor you them)
  • Working hard but not getting corresponding results
  • Not knowing exactly what your boss's goals are and how you fit in with these goals
  • Not getting bonuses, promotions or increases

Or simply if you are the sort of person who wants to find out how to accelerate their career.

Managing your (relationship) with your boss is so important that it's one of the Management Foundations:

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