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What should your staff be doing?

Managers have too many things on their to do list to finish in a day. If you know the feeling of starting a day with an impossible workload or staying late to finish, you are not alone. But there are a number of things that managers should not be doing. The key is to delegate the right items so you can focus on what is important. And then you can also go home on time. When you delegate the right things in the right way you will not only increase the output of your department but you can get a better job done than if you try to do everything yourself.

Tasks that you should be delegating to your direct reports include:

  1. Tasks that someone else can do better than you,
  2. Tasks you dislike doing that a staff member would prefer doing,
  3. Tasks that have to be done but aren’t on your key deliverables,
  4. Tasks that contribute to the development of your employees or relate to their job descriptions,
  5. Tasks that your staff can do at a lower cost than you,
  6. Routine tasks that take up your time.

By delegating the tasks, you will actually create value. For example managers can't be subject matter experts in everything and we don't have enough time to pay the care and attention that some tasks require. When we allocate a task to someone who has more subject expertise, time and likes doing the task more than you, you will get a better result.

Similarly the desire for growth is an extremely strong motivator - giving stretching development projects to your staff will increase their work engagement. And staff want to prove themselves so they will try harder.

But often managers hold onto work because they have had bad experiences delegating tasks in the past and have the incorrect belief that if you want something done right then you have to do it yourself. These negative experiences mean that managers tend to hold on to work, especially the more important tasks. But bad delegation experiences aren't because of something wrong with the delegation concept but rather because of the way the delegation is done. The key to delegation is to delegate the right things, to the right people, in the right way.

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Do you know that regular, high quality one-on-ones with your employees are the single easiest management practice. Weekly one-on-ones are also the ideal forum to delegate to your employees. Do one-on-ones right and not only can you can take care of almost all your management responsibilities in one go but they will also deliver you to manager Nirvana . It almost seems too good to be true – which could be why some managers don’t believe in them.

The reason why not every manager believes in one-on-ones is because not every manager knows how to do fast, high quality one-on-ones. As with anything in life, do it wrong and you're simply not going to see the results. But do it right and one-on-ones will change your life and deliver you to management nirvana. 

And the reason why bosses and employees have poor one on ones is simply because no-one shows you how to have high quality One-ones. I know none of my my bosses every taught me this skill and clearly no-one ever showed them either. What I do with Manager Foundation is that I show you the real world boss skills that you need but they don't teach you in university. That's why I made a mini-course on one-on-ones (including a one-on-one template with a one-on-one meeting agenda that you can use to keep track of your delegations) which will show you 3 Easy Steps 2 1 on 1's. What I expect you'll find is that you already know some of the content on some type of level but maybe you're not putting it into practice. This will help. As I say this is essential for new managers and helpful for experienced managers.


If you feel over worked or that your to do list is weighing you down, you are probably doing some things that you should not be doing. Identifying these items is the first step to a more productive workforce and being able to focus on what is important.

Additional resources:

Download our free delegation worksheet. This will identify if you are delegating enough and if you are making any of the most common delegation mistakes. At the end of this worksheet you will also have a list of the best value adding tasks to delegate. Download free delegation worksheet here.


More about Delegation: Effective Delegation is a cornerstone management tool. When it is done correctly it increases employee engagement, output and profitability. But there is a wrong way and a right way to delegate. Read more articles on delegation here or find out about the Manager Foundation Delegation system here

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