Keep Calm & Diarize It

Do You Have Too Much on Your To-Do List?

You know that important item on your to do list that never seems to get done? Maybe there are too many staff interruptions or meetings that keep on getting in the way. Or simply you’re avoiding it because it’s unpleasant (procrastinators put your hands up with me).

But it’s bugging you isn’t it? It’s not helping you to sleep well at night. It’s destroying your state of calm.

The technique I use to fix this is to book an appointment in my diary. A time to start and some time set aside. If interruptions are a problem then carving out some “do not disturb” time is also essential. I’ve also got a few tricks to get going. If you want to find out how to do this then read about the free “YOUR Power Hour” technique here.

Firstly there’s no better way to get something done than spending time focused solely on that single task. And secondly knowing that you have a specific time to get to the task is a really good way to be calmer about what you have to do. This works in two ways:

  1. It’s written down so your mind can stop worrying about trying to remember what to do
  2. Because it’s in your diary you can take it off your to-do list and not worry about it not getting done

Keep Calm & Diarize It

So the next time you have something that should really get done but you are struggling to make it happen, Keep Calm & Diarize It

PS: One of the things that people would like to most do is to spend some time to learn something new or to get better at their day job. As Stephen Covey says, it’s really important to spend some time “sharpening the saw” But this is the most neglected part of our work day because as important as this is, this tends to get pushed out of the way by more urgent activities. The YOUR Power Hour™ technique is specifically designed to help you to overcome the difficulties you face.

If you have five minutes then read about it here.

Boss Camp

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