Note: This article is part of the series on Tips for Managing Your Relationship With Your Boss

Tip: Maybe you like to feel included or you need to know what's going on to do your job. Regular one on one meetings with your boss are an open communication channel to find out what’s going on.

Good Communication is Vital for Building a Strong Relationship With Your Boss.

Good communication with your boss is pretty simple to do. The sooner you start paying attention to your boss’s communication style, the sooner you’ll be able to adapt and adjust your own style.

Peter Drucker has a clever way of thinking about this. In all his years of working with managers, he discovered that they tend to learn, or take in new information, using one of two preferences:

  • Listening
  • Reading

He summarizes his simple technique to use this boss insight as follows:

“If your Boss is a listener, brief verbally first, and then follow up with a report. If your boss is a reader, send a memo first and then follow up with a briefing.”

-  Drucker

It’s that simple! To go a bit further, here are a few questions to ask yourself which will help you look for cues to determine your boss’s preferred communication style:

  1. Does your boss prefer voicemail or email?

  2. Does your boss have an open-door policy?

  3. Does your boss like to make small talk or is your boss primarily task-focused?

  4. Is your boss a speaker or a listener?

Tip: A DISC Personality test will show you your behavior style and help you identify your boss’s style. Understanding your bosses DISC profile will improve your relationship with your boss and allow you to meet more of your boss’s needs with less effort. Knowing your bosses DISC profile will improve your communications with your boss. This is good for you, your boss and the organization.


Do you have any questions, comments or tips about managing up and understanding your boss's communication style? Please share in the comments below.

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