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The time management challenge

Time is the scarcest resource, unless it is managed , nothing else can be managed.
— Peter Drucker

Time management always seems to be a “hot topic” but this quotation really resonates with me for two reasons.

Firstly, I am unfortunately – and I say unfortunately because sometimes it’s more of a burden than a benefit – one of those people who lives life by the clock! In fact, I live my life by the minute and plan my days to ensure that they run like clockwork. I hate being late and I get quite anxious when the “unforeseen” requires me to reschedule my day.

You might be thinking that this is excellent “time management” behavior, but the problem is that there’s no leeway. If you manage your time too tightly there’s no flexibility to accommodate that darn Murphy’s Law scenario!

Secondly, because I am what you may call “time obsessed” unless I physically set aside time, by booking time in my diary, for important tasks then they generally fall off the wagon and just don’t happen!

I think there’s an important lesson to be learnt from my “time-obsession”. Yes – you do need to manage your time – as long as you are able to accommodate the inevitable changes. But more importantly – if you want to do something or complete something it won’t happen unless you set time aside for it.

There are too many “inevitables” to assume that “you will get to it” or that “you will make time for it.” If any task is that important - then schedule the time in your diary for it.

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Goals are dreams we convert into plans
and take action to fulfill
— Zig Ziglar

Keith comment. I have to admit that Chantel is a better manager of her time than I am. I do book time for my priorities and I use the Pomodoro technique but I do not stick to these as rigidly as Chantel. What I can say is that maybe I should try to be more like her because I think Chantel produces a lot of work in a short period of time so her strict time management clearly works for her. I do think that the message is true, nothing will happen without spending some time on it so the best way to make something happen is to “make some time” for it.


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