Find Out if Delegation is Working for You

Delegation is a powerful management tool for getting stuff done. But only when it’s working. Take the Delegation Check-Up to find out what your delegation score is and find out how to master the art and science on Delegation in Management.

Are you delegating better or worse than other managers? Find out now… (Click to start the quiz)

Delegation is an Essential Manager Skill

Delegation in management is a powerful task management tool. Because successful delegation is how you can manage your own workload. Plus delegation is how you get more stuff done than you can do on your own. But it’s not just about you because when you delegate correctly your staff love it too because delegation is like a mini promotion. Successful delegation engages employees and motivates staff. But when delegation in management isn’t working then your employees will push back, do bad work and you’ll end up with more, not less on your plate.

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Motivating Through Delegation

When you start delegating regularly, what you will find is that your employees often do a better job than you. Because employees have more time available and different skill sets. But that’s the dream vision of delegation, in reality you and I know that bosses struggle with delegation. Getting employees to do a better job than we could do isn’t easy. Humans are complex and simply telling them what to do doesn’t work. So how do we move from an overflowing inbox to a world where we use delegation as a motivational tool for growth?

Tip: Using a delegation tool is the best method to ensure successful delegation. Download free manager delegation worksheet here.

Step 1: What’s Your Delegation Score? Do the Delegation Check-Up

Are you in a hole stuck under a pile of work? Part of self leadership is managing your own workload and productivity. You can use effective delegation to climb out of the hole.

Find out how to become a delegation pro. Take the quick, online, Delegation Check-Up to find out your delegation score. The Delegation Check-Up will tell you your delegation strengths and weaknesses and how to get better at delegation.

Step 2: Improve Your Manager Skills With Delegation Essentials

Delegation is an essential manager skill. To be a better boss, start with improving your own delegation skills with delegation training. Delegation Essentials is a free, online management training course. And you can even earn a certificate for your resume.

Delegation Essentials Will Provide you With Proven, Easy, Practical Action Steps For:

  • Identifying what to delegate,

  • How to delegate,

  • Delegation mistakes to avoid.


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