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Rethinking the Boss Relationship

When I started my first job at the age of 22 I can honestly say that I never gave the whole “Boss Relationship” a second thought. Bosses seemed to operate on a whole other level. They sat in their management wing of the building while the rest of us – the minions of the company – occupied the shared working spaces. My boss would occasionally do a “walk through” to check up on the team and perhaps ask how things were going. And occasionally I would stop by his office to ask question or tell him something. We had weekly team meetings and performance reviews but looking back I realize that I really didn’t know my boss at all. I can’t tell you what was important to him or what his objectives were. I don’t know really know much about his personal life or even what he liked to do in his free time.

Years on, I find myself in a completely different situation.

  • I work for a boss who makes building good employer-employee relationships a priority,
  • He places high importance on employee engagement and employee retention,
  • He understands the value of growing and developing my skills,
  • He gives me regular performance feedback and,
  • He makes it a priority to meet with me for a set time, on a set day, every week

That’s why I have a great working relationship with my boss and now I know that it’s the most important work relationship that I have.

The Importance of a Good Boss Relationship

Why is this so important? Well besides making you infinitely more happy at work and giving you greater job satisfaction a good boss relationship is important because:

  • Your boss holds the key to your performance reviews, career development, bonuses and increases and,
  • To be effective in your job you need guidance and direction from your boss.

The Best Way to Build a Great Working Relationship With Your Boss

If you're asking yourself, "How do I manage my manager?" or, "How do I manage upwards?" then the answer is simpler then you think.

Communication is fundamental to building good relationships. Yes, I communicated with bosses in the past. What I didn’t have, was focused one-on-one time with them and that has made all the difference. In my current position I’m fortunate to have a boss who implements weekly one-on-one meetings with his directs. These meetings are:

  • On a set day and and at a set time each week and,
  • Never missed.

This means I have dedicated time each week during one-on-ones to tell my boss:

  • What you’re working on,
  • What you’ve accomplished,
  • What your successes are,
  • What problems you’ve solved and,
  • What you’re doing to help your boss meet specific objectives.

Not only do they provide a communication channel for you to give your boss regular status updates but one-on-one meetings are also:

  • A time for you to discuss the things that are important to you,
  • A time for your boss to focus on you with performance feedback, questions, coaching and mentoring and task delegation.

To find out how to have effective one-on-ones with your boss and a good one-on-one meeting agenda, register for the free one-on-ones mini-course for employees( includes a free one on one download with one on one form plus tips to manage up):


  • Do you really know your boss and what’s important to him/her?
  • Do you have a good working relationship with your boss?
  • Are you engaged and happy at work?

If you answered no to these then weekly one-on-one meetings with your boss are the best way to build a great boss relationship. But remember – not all bosses know how to be good managers. If you’re not already having them then take the initiative to schedule weekly one-on-ones with your boss.

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Do you have any questions, comments or tips for building a better relationship with your boss? Help the rest of us out by sharing in the comments below.

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