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Using Your Diary to Make you Calmer

Are you stressed due to work overload, endless meetings and staff interruptions? A good time management technique is to use your diary to be more organized.

Instruction Manual for People

People have inherently different personality styles and behavioral preferences. The DISC behavior model is like and instruction manual for people.

Long To-Do List? Keep Calm & Cross it Off

If you're struggling under the pressure of a long to-do-list then this time management technique will improve your personal productivity and effectiveness

If You Don't Ask - You Don't Get...

How positively reinforcing good employee performance with regular positive feedback will lead to increased employee motivation and employee productivity.

Beating the Competition

Employee development through coaching is one of the best ways to improve employee skills and employee performance and productivity.

How to Build Habits

How to encourage desired employee habits and improve employee performance using regular employee feedback.

Working Hard, Going Nowhere

Effective people management means focusing on the right things to get the best results. How to improve employee performance by being an effective manager.

What Would Darwin do?

How to adapt your management style using the DISC behavior model to manage people with different personality styles and behavioral preferences

Your Management Garden

Good employer-employee relationships are the foundation for good people management, improved employee engagement and increased employee performance.

The Difference Between a Dream and a Goal

Time management tips and techniques to show you how to take back control of your time and improve your personal productivity.

Doing Nothing

How to increase employee performance and productivity by taking action. This means giving regular performance feedback, delegation and skills development.

Dealing with Problems

How to keep calm and use performance feedback to manage employee performance. Done the right way feedback is non-confrontational and delivered calmly.

Dealing with Massive Workloads

How to use task delegation to manage a heavy workload and improve your personal effectiveness as a manager.

Promises vs Actions

How to improve your personal productivity by making time for what's important and turning your promises into actions.

Problems and Opportunities

Managing people poses many problems - but if more than half of the workforce is unengaged this also creates many opportunities to increase employee engagement