Undeveloped strengths are only weaknesses because you haven’t developed them yet. The great thing about these is that these have the greatest potential because:

  • The difference between where you start and where you can end is massive,

  • You can progress fast in the beginning,

  • Making progress is rewarding which works in a positive feedback loop to encourage you to continue developing yourself

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The reason why I’m mentioning these is because these hidden gems can make a big difference to your life:

  • People get satisfaction from growing

  • People want a chance to make a contribution and feel valued, doing what you’re good at is a great way to achieve this

  • People want to be themselves and express who they are

  • Undeveloped strengths are great opportunities for career growth

To get a bit technical, developing your potential is a way to Self Realization. It’s frustrating to feel like you have potential that isn’t used. It’s liberating and empowering to reach your potential and be your natural self, instead of trying to be someone who you aren’t.

With undeveloped strengths, a little effort results in a big reward. But these little gems can be hard to find.

Now in my experience, people don’t get a chance to use all of their talents at work because of some of the following reasons:

  • They don’t know what their talents are because they’ve never had a chance to experiment

  • They’re in the wrong job

  • Their boss doesn’t know, that they have the skills

That’s why I recommend that you have regular one on one meetings with your boss because, in these meetings you can:

  • Ask to try different responsibilities to find out if you have a natural aptitude,

  • Work on your career development to find a job that better suits your skills and

  • Build a relationship with your boss so that your boss knows what else you are capable of

Next Steps: Self-Leadership: Developing Yourself

Undeveloped strengths have the greatest potential for future self development. To be a better self-leader start with improving your self-leadership skills with self-leadership training. Self-Leadership: Developing Yourself is a quick, online training course that you can use to kick-start your self-development.


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