Are you an entrepreneur or the CEO at the top of your organisation? If not, then you have a boss and the relationship you have with your boss is the most important work relationship you have. Wrong or right, your relationship with your boss determines your success at work and ultimately your life happiness too. If you have a bad relationship with your boss then:

  • You're not going to get credit for your achievements

  • Your opportunities for development and progression will suffer

  • You'll get lower bonuses, promotions and increases

  • Your work happiness will suffer and

  • You'll be at risk of losing your job

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In an ideal world we'd all have fantastic bosses who support us and create a positive working environment. But the reality is that most bosses have no formal management training and even nice people can make bad bosses.

You can't always choose your boss and you can't change the way your manager manages you but you can take responsibility for managing your relationship with your boss.

Managing your relationship with your boss is how you can develop your career.

How you manage your relationship with your boss is in your one on one meetings with your boss. If no one has ever taught you how, then find out the best practice in this short, online, free course One on Ones with Your Boss

Even if you don't have regular One on One Meetings with your boss, find out what topics you should be covering. This course includes:

  • One on one form for you to download

  • Questions you must ask your boss

  • Mistakes to avoid in one on ones with your boss

  • Tips for getting the best from your job and more

Next Steps: Self-Leadership: Developing Yourself

A good boss relationship is the key to a happy and successful career. Managing your relationship with your boss is an important factor in your self-leadership. To be a better self-leader start with improving your self-leadership skills with self-leadership training. Self-Leadership: Developing Yourself is a quick, online training course that you can use to kick-start your self-development.


Do you have any comments, questions or tips about managing your relationship with your boss? What's your experience with one on one meetings with your boss? Please share in the comments below.