So some people hate work, while others derive satisfaction and meaning from what they do. Developing your skills is an effective way to improve work because of some of the following factors:

  • People enjoy doing work that they’re good at,

  • People get satisfaction from using their their skills and abilities,

  • People like to feel valued by having a chance to make a contribution. This gives them a sense of belonging and let’s them find their place in a community,

  • People like to grow and progress,

  • People like to get recognition for their achievements.

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Through self-development you can:

  • Improve your work satisfaction by getting better at your job

  • Get a chance to use your skills

  • Become valued by making an important contribution to your team

  • Not feel stagnant by getting satisfaction from growing and progressing and

  • You can get recognition for completing your training plus the contribution that your talents bring to your job

Next Steps: Self-Leadership: Developing Yourself

In simple terms, personal development leads to personal growth and satisfaction through meaningful work. Self-Development or personal development is the result of taking steps to improve yourself. To be a better self-leader start with improving your self-leadership skills with self-leadership training. Self-Leadership: Developing Yourself is a quick, online training course that you can use to kick-start your self-development.


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