Make Managing Easy with Secret Ninja Manager Tricks

In managing what you often find is that it feels like you have to push against the tide to get stuff done. Things don’t happen unless you initiate them and follow up to make sure they are done. Wouldn’t it be nicer if your employees did what you wanted, automatically, without you even asking?

This is the idea behind many of my Secret Ninja Manager Tricks. Instead of fighting against the flow, can you turn it around so that you use the power of the flow to achieve your desires? It’s similar to a Judo flip when you use the momentum of your opponent against them. It’s not about strength or effort, it’s about timing and technique.

Now maybe you’re a boss who already knows that One-on-One meetings are the best way to get results with your employees. Or perhaps you’re a boss who hasn’t discovered how powerful a consistent One-on-One practice is yet. But either way there's no getting away from the fact that doing One-on-One meetings with your employees takes time and energy from you.

You have to schedule them, keep them running on topic, motivate your employee to engage in them etc. And sometimes it feels like you’re pulling teeth with employees who don’t want to engage. But there is a far better way that makes it look ridiculously easy.


Secret Ninja Manager Trick - Flip it Around on Your Employees

The secret ninja manager trick to having life changingly good one on ones is to do a ninja flip and turn this around. As much as you are trying to improve your own one on ones, if you flip it around so that your employees

1. Want to have great one on ones and

2. Understand what must happen in a one on one

then you have to do less work yourself. Instead of pushing against a river, go with the flow and you will achieve Manager Zen.

And to make it even easier for you, I made an online course so you don’t have to train your employees yourself. You can access the free course here: One-on-One Meetings with your Boss.

It’s going to show them:

  • What to expect in a One-on-One meeting

  • What they need to do,

  • What to prepare and very importantly

  • Why it’s in their interests to have the best possible One-on-One meetings with their boss

One on Ones With Your Own Boss

And if you do one on ones with your own boss (and I certainly hope for your own benefit that you have a boss who is enlightened enough to do one on ones with you) then I bet you'd get something positive out of it yourself.

In fact if you think that this one on one process is good for you and your employees then I bet that you'd do well to share this course with your own boss. Then you'll be on the same page as your boss

All you need to do is share this link with your employees. Then make a date for them to discuss with you what they got from this course and how they think you should proceed: 


What's your experience with one on one meetings with your boss/ employees? Do you have any comments, questions or tips? Please help the rest of us out by sharing in the comments below.