Are you a manager / employee looking to have better one on one meetings? Use this form.

If you’ve been running One on One Meetings effectively then you know that this these meetings are the best way to manage your employees because you can take care of almost all of your management duties in one, efficient go. But it’s annoying when: Employees arrive unprepared, waste your time and fail to follow up on deliverables. And it’s even more frustrating when your employees don’t engage in the meeting because they don’t know exactly what to do. Give this form to your employees and you will take the pain out of your one on one meetings, leaving you free to enjoy all of the many benefits.

Download Form for your Employees: One on One Meetings with your Boss (note this form is different to the form for bosses)

As a boss we are still an employee to our own bosses and you can also test this process out yourself.

Getting the most from your one on one meeting with your boss is how you can get the most out of your job because this is where you: Keep your boss informed of what you have done, keep your priorities aligned, find out what you need to know about the rest of the company and keep your relationship healthy and your communication working. To help you to get the most from your one on one meetings with your boss I have a best practice form for you to download.

Use this form to help you to:

  1. Get the best results in the least time

  2. Prepare for your meetings

  3. Make sure you don’t miss anything important and

  4. Keep track of what you need to follow up

Super User Tip: Your one on one meeting with your boss is your most important work meeting because your boss is the key to your work happiness and success. That’s why you can’t leave this meeting to chance. Find out best practices, tips and technique in this free online course One on One meetings with your boss

PS: You can download your form for One on One Meetings with your Boss here, or just go to the free online course and get this download plus more helpful resources.


Do you have any comments, questions, tips or advice about one on one meetings with your boss or managing your relationship with your boss? Please share in the comments below.

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