Learning Power - the unique, individual traits that enable you to effectively engage in new learning and personal development challenges.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to sail through school with straight A’s while others struggle? How we learn is a topic that is covered extensively in many books and articles, written from many different perspectives. One important area of focus is learning styles. Learning styles describe the way that we take in and process information based on our learning preferences, biases strengths and weaknesses. Learning styles also determine how we respond to different learning situations.

To better understand what a learning style is, just think of how you prefer to learn new things. Think back to when you last upgraded your cellphone. Did you dive right in and start using it straight away? Did you read the instruction manual first? Did you ask the salesperson to show you what to do? Maybe you watched a YouTube video first. These are all indicators of your individual learning style:

  • Some people like to process information by reading text. Others prefer information that is presented visually through images.

  • Some people learn best when working individually. Others prefer group tasks and activities.

  • Some people grasp information quickly. While others prefer time to analyze compare and reflect.

Everyone learns differently. What works for one person doesn’t work for another. But your learning style has more influence than you may realize. Your preferred style influences:

  • What motivates you to learn

  • Your ideal learning environment

  • The way you learn, process and recall information

We learn best when information is presented to us in a way that matches our preferred learning style.  

Tip: When you understand your preferred learning style, you will be able to utilize strategies to help enhance that preferred style. Discover Your Learning Power Here

How Personality Styles Affect Learning Styles

Each of us has developed a distinct way of thinking, feeling, acting and communicating which becomes our personality style. Our unique personality traits and patterns of behavior distinguish us from one another. They express our individual identities just like our thumbprint. They also have a direct effect on our learning preferences and the way in which we assimilate new information.

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Leveraging Your Learning Power for Career Success

Developing your skills is essential to your career success and happiness because:

  • School doesn't teach you the real world skills you need in the workplace, especially if you want to progress your career (for financial & personal growth)

  • Constant change means you'll get left behind if you don't develop your skills

  • Automation & job market competition mean you have to stay relevant

The learning process is most effective when it is in line with our learning style preferences. When you start leveraging your Learning Power you will be more successful at acquiring new knowledge quickly and effectively.

The Learning Power Assessment will show you your learning preferences and biases. It will also show you your learning strengths and weaknesses and give you customized recommendations. By recognizing and understanding your personal learning style, you can use techniques better suited to you. This improves the speed and quality of your learning.


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