Keep Calm & Hit Publish

Are You a Perfectionist?

Striving for perfection is an admirable trait but it may be holding you back. When we are so worried about getting things right that we don’t do anything at all, it’s time to change our strategy.

The saying is “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good”

I’m not suggesting to consistently push out low quality work, it is just about knowing the difference between good and good enough.

Even Apple - a company whose name is synonymous with quality, attention to detail and the phrase “it just works” uses this strategy. In fact they are masters at applying the principal because people don’t think Apple ships “half-baked” goods.

What Apple does is focus on getting the important stuff right and leave less important features for later updates. The original iPhone didn’t come with 3G (mobile broadband), copy and paste and a few other relatively basic features. A lot of people were pretty vocally upset about that at the time but that didn’t stop the iPhone from being a resounding success. Why? Not because they perfected everything but rather by leaving out a few less important features they could focus on what was important and were able to ship rather than delay.

Keep Calm & Hit Publish

It’s a balance of holding back vs shipping. Publishing vs continual re-working and editing. If you find yourself in a position where not publishing is causing distress then it’s probably time to Keep Calm & Hit Publish


Side Note...

Even the Keep Calm & Manage On book is an example - I have several more Keep Calm insights to write but I have not drafted, let alone finished them yet. But I wanted to be able to share with you what I have already and give you a peek of what is coming in the future. Therefore the first version of the Keep Calm & Manage On book was published incomplete.

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