Employee Performance Management using Effective Feedback

As a manager, you are responsible for the output and performance of your team and every individual on your team. So to be an effective manager you need a way to talk to your direct reports about their behavior and performance. Effective employee performance management starts with regular communication with your team. Giving them performance feedback that results in the change you want to see. Performance communication that works is called Effective Feedback.

Effective employee performance feedback is delivered regularly, timely and effectively. And when done this way it's one of your foundational manager tools to improving employee performance. Effective feedback will fix today's problems and help you to avoid tomorrows problems. But effective feedback isn't just about problems - it's about improving employee engagement so your employees don't just meet standard by are motivated to achieve.

And effective managers make sure that they give employee performance feedback in every single one on one meeting.

PS: Use this Best Practice One on One form to remind you what not to miss out in your One on One Meetings

Employee Performance Feedback Done the Right Way

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A 2009 Gallup Inc. study of over 1000 U.S. based employees shows that managers giving little or no feedback to their workers fail to engage 98% of them. Effective positive feedback and negative feedback is the best managerial tool to increase:

  • Employee engagement and;
  • Employee performance.

Employee Engagement Using Effective Feedback

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Like many things there is a wrong way to give employee performance feedback and a right way to give employee performance feedback. Employee performance feedback given the wrong way will result in:

  • Poor encouragement and reinforcement of desired behaviors;
  • Underperformance and reduced employee performance and productivity;
  • Decreased employee motivation and;
  • Reduced employee engagement.

But when you give employee performance feedback the right way you will:

  • Save valuable time and money correcting underperformance;
  • Encourage improved employee performance;
  • Increase employee motivation;
  • Improve employee engagement and;
  • Improve employee retention

The first step to effective employee performance management using effective feedback is identifying employee performance feedback topics. 

Using an Employee Feedback Worksheet

An employee feedback worksheet will show you how to identify employee performance feedback topics. The Manager Foundation Employee Feedback Worksheet is an:

  • Employee Feedback Tool to identify whether or not your employees are meeting performance standards;
  • Employee Feedback Tool to find out whether your employee performance feedback is working;
  • Employee Feedback Tool to quantify the costs of poor employee performance

Employee Performance Feedback Is a Manager Skill:

Use a worksheet to Identify Employee Performance Feedback Topics

At the end of the Employee Feedback Worksheet you will also have a list of:

  • The key employee performance areas that need to be improved and;
  • The most important employee feedback topics that you want to address with positive feedback and negative feedback. 

Employee Performance Feedback in Management: A Powerful Manager Skill

Employee performance feedback in management is a powerful employee performance management tool.

Performance is more effectively managed using feedback. And the likelihood of making any lasting impact on performance increases when feedback is delivered regularly and timely.

Giving your staff effective feedback also means that you don’t run the risk of waiting to address underperformance in annual performance reviews.

When employee performance feedback is given regularly and done correctly it:

  • Encourages consistent and continuous improved performance;
  • Increases employee motivation;
  • Increases employee engagement and employee retention,
  • Increases employee productivity and;
  • Increases organizational profitability. 

Download Your Free Employee Feedback Worksheet Here.

More about Employee Performance Feedback

Employee feedback is a cornerstone management tool. And the mark of a truly great and effective manager is one who leverages feedback to manage employee performance.

Effective employee performance feedback isn’t emotionally loaded and it isn’t confrontational. But there is a wrong way and a right way to give employees positive feedback and negative feedback. Read more articles on employee performance feedback here or here, or find out about the Manager Foundation Effective Feedback system here

The Manager Foundation Effective Feedback System Includes:

  • How to use regular, effective feedback as a tool to manage employee performance;
  • How to give effective positive feedback and negative feedback;
  • The risks of not giving your staff regular feedback;
  •  How to motivate staff and engage employees;
  •  and much more.


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