Increase employee productivity with a Delegation Worksheet

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Managers are responsible for task management. A key part of a managers job is allocating work tasks to their employees. This is known as delegation of work or work assignment. Managers cannot do everything themselves and that's what employees are there for.

Delegation in Management - Avoiding Reverse Delegation and Other Mistakes

But like many things there is a wrong way to do delegation of work and a right way to do delegation of work. Do work delegation the wrong way and employees won't take ownership for the results and you'll probably end up having to redo it yourself (known as reverse delegation). But do work delegation right and you will get a better job done in less time at a lower cost. 

The first step to successful delegation is to work out what to delegate.

Delegation in Management using a Delegation Worksheet

A delegation worksheet will show you how to make an assignment. The Manager Foundation delegation worksheet is a:

  • Delegation tool to identify what work tasks to delegate.
  • Delegation tool to evaluate if you are doing enough work delegation
  • Delegation tool to evaluate your work delegation process to see if you are making any of the most common work delegation mistakes. These mistakes will cause work delegation problems such as reverse delegation

Delegation in Management - Identifying What to Delegate

At the end of the delegation worksheet you will also have a list of what to delegate. This isn't just any list of what to delegate it is a list of:

  • Work tasks that can be done quicker with successful delegation
  • Work tasks that can be done cheaper with successful delegation
  • Work tasks that can be done better with successful delegation

Delegation in Management a Powerful Management Skill

Delegation in management is a powerful task management tool because successful delegation is like a mini promotion. Successful delegation engages employees and motivates staff. This increases employee performance. But when delegation in management is done badly it becomes yet another task that an under-performing employee doesn't want to do. Download a free manager delegation worksheet here.

Using a delegation tool is the best method to ensure successful delegation. I’ve spent years researching, developing and testing the best of the best so that you don’t have to. I share this and many more proven management techniques with you in the program

Additional resources relating to delegation in management:

More about Delegation: Effective Delegation is a cornerstone management tool. When management delegation is done correctly it increases employee engagement, employee productivity and profitability. But there is a wrong way and a right way to delegate. Find out about the Manager Foundation Delegation system here.

The delegation system includes:

  • How to avoid reverse delegation,
  • How to motivate staff and engage employees,
  • and much more.


Do you know that regular, high quality one-on-ones with your employees are the single easiest management practice. Weekly one-on-one meetings also create the ideal forum to delegate to your staff. Do one-on-ones right and not only can you can take care of almost all your management responsibilities in one go but they will also deliver you to manager Nirvana . It almost seems too good to be true – which could be why some managers don’t believe in them.

The reason why not every manager believes in one-on-ones is because not every manager knows how to do fast, high quality one-on-ones. As with anything in life, do it wrong and you're simply not going to see the results. But do it right and one-on-ones will change your life and deliver you to management nirvana. 

And the reason why bosses and employees have poor one on ones is simply because no-one shows you how to have high quality One-ones. I know none of my my bosses every taught me this skill and clearly no-one ever showed them either. What I do with Manager Foundation is that I show you the real world boss skills that you need but they don't teach you in university. That's why I made a mini-course on one-on-ones (including a one-on-one template with a one-on-one meeting agenda) which will show you 3 Easy Steps 2 1 on 1's. What I expect you'll find is that you already know some of the content on some type of level but maybe you're not putting it into practice. This will help. As I say this is essential for new managers and helpful for experienced managers.


Do you have any comments, questions or tips about employee task delegation? Help the rest of us out by sharing in the comments below.

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