Announcing the Launch of the Anonymous Nomination Service...

Do You Know a Manager that Needs Help? 

The Dilbert cartoon, Office TV show, shows us that the workplace is sometimes comically bad. If we don't laugh we might just cry.

Superman1 with M.jpg

One reason is because managing employees is extremely difficult and most managers don't get the help they need.

I know that managers need help because when I speak about Manager Foundation, people always tell me that they know a manager who needs help. But the amazing thing is I never meet any of these managers who say: "You know what - I'm really struggling with some of my staff. When I tell them what to do, I don't get a good positive response, I sometimes wonder if they don't like me and the result is a dysfunctional work place."
And if that's your manager then I'm sure that you aren't happy working there which is a real sucky place to be given how much of our lives we spend at work.

So I'm launching this anonymous nomination service to help Dilbert Proof your organisation. By Dilbert Proof I mean helping managers to get more productivity from their employees in a way that results in happier employees.

How it works:

You provide me with contact details of a manager who needs help. I send them a carefully worded email with targeted advice for the issue you described.

Note: Clearly this is a sensitive topic, I will filter anything I feel is spurious, abusive or fake. The more detail you provide, the more I can help. Because they don't know who I am it will help if you can provide some background information to prove that this is not a bulk email.


Do you have any questions, comments or tips about managing staff? Help the rest of us out by sharing in the comments below.

Boss Camp

This is a shout out to all the poor hardworking managers out there. Leaders are looked up to but the words Boss, manager and supervisor are dirty words. Yet it’s the managers who are the frontline of the organization, it’s the managers who have to deal with people problems, deliver bad news and produce performance, rain or shine. And no-one shows you exactly what to do and say, except me. I’m going to share with you how anyone can motivate their employees, even if you weren’t born with natural leadership skills. At WWW.BOSS.CAMP. The program includes topics such as:

  • How to motivate employees,
  • What are bad employee motivators,
  • What you must do as a manager but isn't on your job description,
  • How leaders get power.