Aristotle We are what we repeatedly do Quote CD.jpg
We are what we repeatedly do
— Aristotle

Actions are reality.

The best ideas, abilities and intentions are nothing without action. But sometimes the actions we should do are difficult to do.

If you have a sweet tooth like me then you’ll have the same mixed feelings looking at the cookie jar and reading the quote. Unless I cut down my sugar intake, I’m not going to have the body I want.

Managing Staff Consists of many Small Actions

Managing staff isn’t something you do once a month or the once-a-year performance review. Managing staff consists of many small actions. Some you do daily, some weekly and some monthly. But just like giving up sugar, sticking to these can be difficult.

To cut down on sugar I’m using the cue, action and reward system. My sugar cue is the post-lunch afternoon slump. Instead of reaching for my sugar fix I have re-linked this cue to having a cup of mint tea. The reward is that I have a small break and a refreshing cup of tea. This gets me over the slump.

To do the many small regular management actions you should make them easier and more automatic. To make them more automatic, establish cues:

  • Want to improve the performance and engagement of staff? Then give regular positive feedback – set a daily reminder to give a staff member positive feedback
  • Want to improve your own skills and abilities? Book a weekly hour in your schedule to spend on your development.

Of course the other reason why we don’t do what we should is because it’s difficult. For example giving feedback is often thought of as confrontational, time consuming or ineffective. The point of Manager Foundation is not only to show you what to do but how to do it.

Your “homework” for today is to think of some of the things that you regularly want to do but struggle to convert the intent to action. Then set a cue (and a reward). Please share what you intend on changing in the comments.

Boss Camp

If you think about it, the job of a Boss is to get people to do stuff. But getting people to do what you want must be one of the toughest things in the world. That’s why WWW.BOSS.CAMP is about making managing easy in just an hour a week. The program includes topics such as:

  • How to hire for performance,
  • How to motivate employees,
  • What are bad employee motivators,
  • What you must do as a manager but isn't on your job description,
  • How leaders get power,